Energy Issue...

Does anyone feel energy deprived as a feral druid?
During PVE? Yes, definitely. After my initial burst and like 40 sec of awesomeness, I kinda sit there auto attacking with a Shred every few seconds and Rip, etc. (But my DPS is just fine, I'm rocking like 50k in PVP gear.)

During PVP? Nah, I'm usually not sitting there drilling someone unless Berserk or Tiger's Fury is up. A lot of my time is spent kiting, bleeding, etc. Plus the free Ravages from the tier bonus is REALLY nice, makes up for losing it with Feral Charge.
Ty Sohra, maybe I should give my feral a chance again.
in pve it's more about pacing yourself anyway -- during the 1-4 sec you're "watching your energy bar" is time enough to glance around and see if there's anything else bad coming, esp. with boss mods.
Definitely a pacing game. Just as mana users would go OOM if they spam healed, or rage-tanks would have issues if they spammed their abiliites.
I do know what you mean, but it's more of a mindset-change that's required of the player. The majority of our damage is from white hits and bleeds, so we're designed to have those "down times" when you're just auto-attacking and watching bleeds tick while pooling energy for the next special attack.

Of course using Tiger's Fury on CD definitely helps. I haven't done any raiding since the first tier of Cata, but I used to just bind Shred and TF to the same button. Worked just fine for me!

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