Herald of Titans Achievement Group Forming

We currently have 6 people gearing up for Herald of Titans Achievement on Garrosh server. We need 1 tank, 1 heal, and 2 dps. We are going to make our first attempt on 12/14/12 so if you would like to join us be lvl 80 or able to get to lvl 80 by 12/14/12. Max armor ilvl is 226 and weapon ilvl is 232 but we will accept lower ilvl and gear up as necessary. Hope to see you soon as we work towards this rare title!
Count me in.

I can come DPS depending on the times.
Hello there!
It appears that we have a common goal! I have been working on gathering the players for a Herald of The Titans run myself, and so far it looks like we've got 4 to 5 seriously committed players working to get the required gear. If you would like to consider consolidating both groups into one, please let me know! Feel free to respond to me here or add my battle tag and get in touch with me in game.

Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon!
I will tank on my paladin Whoneedsone@alexstrasza (Yes it is horde.)
It honestly isn't hard, everytime I've tried to do it people have wiped to the attendance boss.
posted on jezmund's other post and am willing to bring my 80 druid, I have a 70 DK I can get to 80 and gear up as well if necessary. But would rather not have to level another toon. Druid is 80 and starting to gear up now just need a couple days which I think I will get this weekend to gear him fully.
If this is still a thing i can tank. I have a geared Prot pally contact me in game please "Nimo#1100" and have experience tanking this in the past.
Any Alliance groups forming?
Me and a friend are gearing up for this, alliance side, i have a dps Warrior and he has a dk Tank, so if anyone wants to join our gearing up efforts you're welcome to do so, on Silvermoon, battletag is Opiomorph#1705
There are a few alliance players looking for a group near the end of this thread:


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