Herald of Titans Achievement Group Forming

Hey everyone, FACT is forming a Herald of the Titans achievement group! This achievement requires you to lock your xp bar at 80 and we have to defeat Algalon the Observer in 10 man Ulduar with no one wearing any armor over ilvl 226 and no weapon over ilvl 232. We will accept lower ilvl than is the max and work our way to higher ilvl as necessary. We need 1 tank, 1 healer, and 2 dps. We plan on making our first attempt as soon as we gear the necessary people to test our ilvl and start mastering the mechanics of the fight. Don't miss your chance to get this rare title!
I'm interested. I have an 80 feral/resto druid. Add my hunter ingame as i'm on this toon the most. Could possibly run Uld and Nax with 2 90 dps in the raid to gear everyone then do the achieve for the title another week.
I would be interested.I have a 80 Paladin and Hunter.
Alright, I added both of you onto friends list. I'll whisper you in game when I see you on. We are thinking of going for the achieve next week on Wednesday and we will farm for gear this week and on Tuesday. Try to get as much gear as possible and also enchant it. Justice points are a great way to get gear along with icc dungeons. We should all aim to be around 25-30k health.

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