Giving up int to reach soft haste cap?

I got some new gear in LFR today that was kind of haste heavy and for the first time I have reached the soft haste cap. However, to do so, I had to give up about 800 intellect. Was this a bad idea?

I'm not much of a theorycrafter, so these secondary caps always confuse me. Is reaching the cap such a big deal that I can give up some primary stat? Or should I just max out int and not worry about it until my gear level is higher?
Advice from the Shadow forums thread on Shadow Haste Breakpoints:

How will I know if going for the breakpoint is worth it for me?

- The easiest way to decide if this option is most optimal for you is to sim yourself under the break point with the gear and than over. Kilee does a great job of explaining everything in a quoted post under.

For those who don't want to sim themselves, general rules of thumb:

- Giving up less than 250 int to gain 8085 haste is a straightforward DPS gain

- Since each haste you gain over int is also valued at 0.4475 you only lose 0.5525PP by swapping out haste for int.

- You can give up 452 int for haste to gain the haste cap and see an increase in DPS.

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