Global Diminishing Returns

I read the blue posts about DRs being the answer but when I read about certain spells have certain DRs with other spells (aka blind with fear, x with y) is going about the wrong with the design.

Why not just have a universal DR that if you get CC'd four times, you are then immune for the next 15s (more or less). This will force players to decide if CC is a good idea when there is 3 already on that person and to cc him is smart. AKA, if you cc'd the warrior 3 times and he still has CD's up, should I cc him or wait for that.

If that person hasn't been CC'd in 30s, then remove the overall DR count.

Now, we don't have to mix and match DRs and you have to design for one aspect. Less complex, easier to developer, better for PVP.
Because not all CC is made equally.

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