So am I supposed to heal differently now?

I usually have Recount disabled but I like to turn it on after a big patch, especially if there've been lots of changes to specs I play. Obviously this is the case with Mistweavers in 5.1, so I turned it on and ran HoF and Terrace in LFR (Won't get a chance for 10-mans until next week) and I was completely flummoxed by the numbers I was seeing. I knew Mistweavers needed some tinkering because they were overpowered, but...what the **** happened?!

Either the spec got mutilated, or I really need to change my healing playstyle. I used to regularly pull 35-40k HPS on average, depending on the fights of course (got up to 55k on Empress). Now I'm really struggling to pull 30k on any fight, and usually end up in the 25-28k range. Not only that, but my mana seems to drain faster than before if I have to keep up with moderate-heavy raid or tank damage.

Here's what I've been doing:

(General rules)
- Use Renewing Mist on cooldown (Coupled with thunder tea when available to keep it on as many targets as possible). I try to keep it on both tanks so I can Uplift to heal them both.
- Use Mana Tea on cooldown (I have it glyphed)
- Stay in melee range to Jab for chi I need in case I need it. I try to use Jab as little as possible, but as I understand it's still our most reliable source for chi.
- Occasionally I use Chi Wave, but only if I want to build Mana Tea charges and there's light damage all-around.
- I never use Surging Mist.
- I never use Fistweaving tactics (Serpent's Zeal is never up, I never build Vital Mists charges). I'm in melee only to reliably build chi I need with Jab.
- I never use Spinning Crane Kick except on trash fights because I find it costs too much mana and I can't emergency heal while spinning. Also, because I use Chi Torpedo, I can't empower crane kick with the jade wind talent.
- I never use Healing Sphere. I hear this might need to change nowadays.

(Tank healing)
- Keep Soothing Mist channeling on one of the tanks if they're taking light damage. This is how I end up getting most of my chi.
- Use Enveloping Mist as much as possible on the tanks if they're taking anything more than light damage.
- Jade Cocoon if a tank is in the danger zone.
- Use Uplift occasionally if both tanks are taking damage and Renewing Mist is on both of them.

(Raid healing)
- Chi Torpedo around if there's light raid damage.
- Use Uplift if there's moderate-heavy raid damage. If I ever have to Jab to get chi, this is it.
- Revival if there's heavy raid damage.

I thought this was a fairly obvious way to play mistweaver, but I'm finding it very difficult to keep up with other healers these days (just impossible in some situations). So if I have to change my playstyle, please offer suggestions. If mistweavers just suck right now because Blizz overnerfed the spec, well !@#$. Time to look closer at my Paladin...
Monk is now spam healing sphere, keep renewing mist up, chi torpedo, and jab for upheaval.
It is terribly boring. If only Soothing Mist was reliable, then maybe we could have a different playstyle.

Oh, and our stuff costs TONS of mana. Until they nerf healing sphere, it is 6k mana for instant 30k+ (for a fresh 90) heal.

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