I live in Taiwan and play on a NA Account

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Dunemaul sucks! Two reasons..time difference and sure it says medium population but its pretty bare there.

So I am looking at possibly xfering my toons over to one label oceanic. Now which is the question?
Barthilas is a great realm I'm alliance but horde defiantly outnumber us I believe it is 4:1 and I have made horde alts and I can tell you there are a lot of nice Horde on the realm and lots of good guilds as well.
What would be a good way to see guilds and such?
Aman'Thul is the other way around.

Horde are outnumbered. 68% of the server population is Alliance and 28% of the population is Horde.

(the other 4% are unknown according to the reference I used, but even if they are all Horde then Alliance outnumbers Horde by over 2 to 1.)
Whats wrong with the Taiwan server's if you don't mind me asking?
12/15/2012 05:16 AMPosted by Abînadi
Whats wrong with the Taiwan server's if you don't mind me asking?

I wouldn't know I lived in America. I am not of Asian descent either. I moved here within a couple years ago. heh.
Taiwan has their own WoW servers? i thought only Korea and China did.
Apparently you can play an english version there on a Taiwan server. I don't really know alot about it but wow is really popular there and they don't pay a subscription they just pay for the time they play. They get ping < 50ms so i'm guessing there is a server there and they aren't just tapping into one of the chinese servers.

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