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A while back i heard someone at Razer say they would be making a left handed version of the popular mouse. Just Wondering if anyone heard any new details on this mouse? Also, do you think other companies will start making left handed friendly versions of their mice in the future.
The announcement was in March of this year, and they indicated it would be at least a year before it hit the market, so we shouldn't see much, if anything, about it until early next year. I expect it will probably take longer than their initial estimate -- summer, maybe.

Don't expect to see a ton of gear targeting lefties any time soon. Because options were so few in the past, many lefties learn to mouse right handed early on, and once you're used to it you tend to stick with it. I know Logitech makes an ambidextrous gaming mouse, the G300. I'm not thrilled with it, but it suits my needs.
ic thanks ive been trying to make the switch from left to right handed mouse but i seem to lose interest in playing if the mouse is on the right hand
The razer site has an "Ambidextrous" sub category for mice

Ex: http://www.razerzone.com/store/razer-deathadder-left-hand-edition
yea i know but i want a naga or something like it :P

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