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Moon Guard
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Fighting paladins. Those mighty morphin pally rangers.
I don't like shiny Paladins.
Niether do I.
A holiday tomorrow of love and nasty feelings.
I heard Orcs celebrate with violence y/n?
With gratuitous amounts of violence.
And its that day again!
Does that mean I can type your eyes out again? (talk your ears off wouldn't work out well without being on vent or something)

Yes you can.
Francis Flowerpicker.

We know who you REALLY ARE.
*puts on glasses* I will blend like Superman.
The meteor that exploded was vegeta landing.
That's what I said!

It really was, the sonic blast was from Goku.
Na, it was a small section of The Ark that broke off 4million years ago when the Autobots and Decepticons landed. Unlike the show though, they have yet to awaken.

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