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Moon Guard
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You rang?
A wild Benkei appears.
Soon we shall smash dwarves.
Bump for being incredibly dashing.
12/15/2012 05:00 PMPosted by Skullcrusha
A wild Benkei appears.

Good event last night, guys. And I must say, you guys know to kill the healer first quite well, I died so many freaking times.
Aye good event! You had a giant bullseye don't you know?
Skullcrusha plz.

But yeah, totally had fun. And this time, people from other guilds can join us!
Bump! Victory for the Horde this night!
I am going to give a big bump for Skullcrusha, and also a big shout out to Vaknosh who I've sort of turned creeper-stalker on for no apparent reason. He's a pretty chill dude.

Had fun tonight! Looking forward to more fite.
Yes more battles! And I am sure Vak would say hello but he's in Disneyland.
skullcrusha crushed my skull. I want compensation.
I crush everyone's skull.
Even yours.
No one can crush my skull.

My fabulous hair protects it like elementium.
Ha! Elementium my dear Watson, is nothing to these fingers of crushing.
My skull is uncrushable.
Challenge accepted.
12/18/2012 07:41 PMPosted by Domitrix
My skull is uncrushable.

I think this calls for the Jaws of "Life".

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