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Bump for DK's who can use Blood Plauge and Frost Feaver IN ONE STRIKE as Unholy.
Bump for super excitement!
Late night bump!
Looks like we survived 12/21/2012. Western "reaserchers" where wrong! -Nothing- happend!

*His backwall falls out revealing a ruind city, romaing bands of Mad Max raiders, Zombies, Asteroids, Demons, and pure chaos.*

Yep, nothing happend!
Mad Max is a good movie.
12/22/2012 04:49 PMPosted by Skullcrusha
Mad Max is a good movie.

Hush. You're not even on WoW, slacker.
I am on my laptop which doesnt have WoW downloaded yet sucker. And i'm somewhere with bad internet.
Can you excavate it, sucker?
Beep Boop bop boop beep.
12/21/2012 07:00 PMPosted by Suota
Bump for DK's who can use Blood Plauge and Frost Feaver IN ONE STRIKE as Unholy.

Hmm. That might just make UH an interesting choice, compared to Frost Spec, as it'll lower the number of buttons on the bar.
Bump for Christmas Eve
T'was christmas eve and all through the thread,
Not a weird thing went on,
Not even that freaky head.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Skullcrusha confesses: I dressed up as a scantily clad Female Gnome for the Kor'Kron Legion's Winter Veil party. Someone spiked the Egg Nog and I may or may not have ended up popping out of the cake wearing nothing but a Winter's Veil Hat.
More people should join the Kor'Kron Legion. Great group of guys!
Felthier speaks the truth! I mean, look into those big, blue, lustfull, undead eyes. He can't lie.
Happy holidays and a merry christmas from Santacrusha.
He sees you when your sleeping!

He sees you when your showering...?

He knows if your Alliance or Horde

So roll Horde for goodness sake!
You better watch out, you better not whine, you better not run like a pansy because i'm telling you why.
Santacrusha's coming, for the Horde!

Lok'tar Ogar and merry christmas.
Merry day-after-Christmas!

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