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Emerald Dream
We are <Cryptic>, a level 25 group looking for good individuals wanting to progress further in this game. We are more then a guild; we are a family. As always, we are a no drama environment and use team speak for most of our communications. Best of all, we still bribe with cookies.

Raid one is in full swing. Already the have conquered 5/6 of MSV. Congrats to them and all of their hard work. Currently, raid 1 is not recruiting. Raid 2, on the other hand, still needs a few more to fill in their ranks. Currently needed is a survival hunter with a gear score of at least 475. As always, were looking for backups that can fill spots as needed. I look forward to them tearing MSV apart. Contact Lythoro or Delyanna for more information. We require all players in the group to be fully gemmed, glyphed, and enchanted before raid time. Bring your own flasks while we provided the feasts. Please be at least 475 ilvl and at least seen the videos of the fights on tank spot.

Also recruitment is beginning on starting an RBG and arena teams. Contact Ramcus for information in regards to that.

And as always, we are drama free.

Raid 1: Tuesdays and Thursdays 8 to 11 server.
Raid 2: Sunday and Monday 7 to 11 server.
If you're looking for an active, drama-free, guild , <Cryptic> is a great place! Everyone helps each other whether for gear, Valor Points, Conquest Points. We do it all... pve raids, old content, mount & transmog runs, pvp, BG's, Arenas. Awesome group of mature players.

"cookies"? I want cookies! hmmm warm chocolate chip cookies :-)
What we are looking for our raid groups:

Good solid mature players that know their class. That are willing to slog through progression raiding. Show up on time and ready to go. Must be available week nights and be able to stay for at least 3 hours. We are not looking to be #1 on the server, but we do want to clear all content on normal and heroic, no matter how long it takes.

What we are looking for in guild members:
We are looking for players that are social, personable, willing to interact socially with their fellow guild members. We're not an elitist guild. We are a collection of real people, adults, that love to play wow - all facets of the game. We routinely schedule nights for old content for personal & guild achievements, mounts, etc.

We are happy to help people gear up and level their toons. We have knowledgeable players that can guide you with specs, gear, etc., for what ever class you choose to play.

If you're tired of elitists guilds with bad attitudes, or if you're currently without a guild, we'd love to have you join us.
Greetings fellow Alliance! I'm the ugly, but charasmatic Gnome dutifully in charge of making things happen for Cryptic as an officer! Back when I started as wee lad in bwoxers fighting for all things freedom in Azeroth I was once a floater hoping a great guild would take care of me for the leadership abilities that I carry as a Gnome. After long finding my path as a true warrior for the King I came across Cryptic. Our Godfather Twitch gave us a hope and dream to help us through and further our fight for the King! We are a PvE/PvP based guild LF members that are right and just! We help gear, enchant, gem, and pay for repairs. We are very organized in any daily activities we do. We also have full calendar at all times for those who want to accomplish achievements. If interested in joining on Emerald Dream whisper us and we'll take care of you without the drama. Our main goal is to have fun and work as a team! We have wise officers that will make sure your stay in Azeroth is a great one! Our top guild contributers get the best gifts we see fit. Sincerely yours, Chippitychop. P.S. No entrance exams required 8)
bump and make mine oatmeal cookies
One raid group filled - now looking to fill 2nd raid group. Woot! Knocking out good achievements and having fun with our guildies. Come join the fun in a NO-DRAMA guild. If you are a mature person, that loves to play wow and socialize with nice friendly people, we'd love to have you join us.
I am a disc healer and my hubby is a holy pally. Who might we talk to? We are interested in raiding and have quite a bit of raid experience :)
@Lacrezzia --- you can contact either myself (Dragønlady), Chippitychop, Secrét, Druibacca, or Ramcus. We'd be happy to talk to you via either in game whispers or in TeamSpeak. :-)
I love this guild. Everyone is so nice and positive. If you need help, all you have to do is ask here. I finally found a true guild to call home. Plus I stole all their cookies.
Having a great time with all our new guildies! Plenty of room for all :-) Bring cookies - Secret took the last batch - darn those Rogues and their sneaky stealth!

Seriously tho, if you are looking for a fun, active guild, <Cryptic> is excellent. We have something going on almost every night - 10 man raid (new and old content), BG's, Arenas, anything pvp and pve, all levels. We help people that want to level toons and make sure they get gear, gems, enchants, and repairs. But even if you are a casual player, or alt-aholic, we welcome you!

Our main focus is serious 10 man raiding (minimum ilvl 475), but are also looking for serious pvp'rs for RBG's and arenas. Tanks, healers & DPS for pve and pvp.

Again, and I cannot stress this enough - we are a no-drama guild, looking for mature players.
Thanks for the invite guys! Great group of people! :)
Can't believe how fast we are growing! What a great group of people :-)

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