Recruit a Friend Error/Bug?

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I recently gifted my friend a 5$ WoW Battle Chest. She made an entire new account using the recruit a friend program. She followed all the directions to get started with recruit a friend. We attempted to see if it worked so she logged on her starter edition account before she put in the code for the battlechest. Nothing was working when we both logged in. We both were friends and in a group. We were both level 1. We thought maybe she had to put the code in, so she did. We then tried to see if it worked on her new battle chest account and still nothing happened. I was stumped because nothing is showing up like the new summon friend ability or the triple exp. I was wondering does it take time to work? Or is it a bug? Or did we do something wrong? Ill be really greatful if someone has an answer to my problem! Thanks :D
From the sounds of it, your friend did not set the RaF account up correctly so will need to contact Billing to have them fix it since nobody on the forums can.

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