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My guild is 4/6 and almost to downed Vizier. We are going to be moving to elegon and it has been brought to my attention we HAVE to do it w/ 6 dps 2 heals 2 tanks. Is this true? Is is possible w/ 5 dps? Thanks for any suggestions.
Only if your dps can cruise around 140k or so each. its not much to heal either way, just tricky with timing for the most part.
There's very little benefit to going 3 heal. If your DPS don't clear stacks, the final phase will rapidly become impossible to heal regardless of the number of healers, and having less DPS in each of the phase 1s and 2s will be a huge detriment to finishing the boss in a timely fashion.
12/11/2012 08:51 PMPosted by Mehpanda
Only if your dps can cruise around 140k or so each.

Lol. Not even close to 140, try ~100k.

Our main problem on our first few kills was p3 healing, so we 3-healed. We've since dropped to 2 heals because our healers got bored of it once we geared up, but it's entirely possible to beat the berserk and clear add waves comfortably with 3 healers.
2nd kill: (first is expired :P).
Priest is disc. and still assigned to an orb with me helping. Though honestly, I could handle the orb myself if we didn't have her DPSing.

And you can clear stacks if you feel like in p3. Usually no need though, it's not like one less DPS actually makes the phase very much longer.
I suppose the enrage is lenient enough to allow 3 healing but I'd honestly just 2 heal it and in the end just have cooldowns ready. Generally reset stacks in phase 3 at 7 - 8 and use a personal cooldown when doing so. It does help if your third healer is doing some decent dps like a disc/holy priest.
There are as many/more 2 heal fights compared to 3 heal fights. So you should really just adress the problem now
both comps are possible, but you generally will have a harder time for this tier with 5 dps than with 2 heals.
The only "heavy" damage is p3, as has been said, p1 and 2 damage is predictable, and the protector phase damage comes at regular bursts, you can top people off "slowly"
While the raid damage on Elegon looks like a lot at first, it can be sort of misleading.. you have to remember, if you're standing on the platform (as you almost always should be in P1 and P2) you receive 50% increased healing. Obviously lethal damage is still lethal damage, but healing it shouldn't be too bad if you react fast enough.
There's also a lot of regen time during pillar phases and going back to the second P1.

Then again, a disc priest or fistweaver can be handy as a third healer, selectively switching to healing only when things get hairy.
Contrary to popular belief DO NOT reset stack in p3 just stack on the boss and burn you take far too much damage moving out to reset and it doesn't warrant the small damage reduction for a small time compared to a much shorter kill. Stack up rotate raid cds and the boss will be dead shortly

This strat makes it harder to bring 3 healers cause it will prolong phase 3. Bring 2 healers make sure your killing 4 sets of adds in each p2 and collect loot

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