Rune system bugged or working as intended?

Death Knight
I've noticed when I have the first UH rune converted to a Death Rune and use an ability like PS, it will use the Death Rune instead of the UH rune.

It could be that it's always been like this and I've only just picked up on it now.

Working as intended?

EDIT: Might be a UI bug, the Death Rune actually doesn't function as one but instead it acts like it's an UH rune yet shows that it's a Death Rune.
Runes are used in the order of which is the easiest available.

However, when in a situation like this, it should burn the Unholy rune, unless it was somewhat like this:
As the Unholy rune comes first, it will get used first.
But if it's like
The Death rune should be used first.
12/12/2012 01:11 PMPosted by Myroæn
Runes are used in the order of which is the easiest available.


Runes are used such that the pure rune is always burned first if it is available, so in both of your cases, the Unholy rune would be picked. If the pure rune isn't available, the death rune of that corresponding type will get picked.

If the pure rune isn't available and neither is a death rune of that type, then that's when the order is different (if I recall correctly, blood->unholy->frost). Death Siphon will also prioritize frost(death) runes first for seemingly no reason.

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