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I don't know if the servers are down or what, but I can't seem to log into my account or my wifes, I don't see any other threads about it being down. Anyone ever gotten this error and know a fix? Was working 5 minutes ago but suddenly cannot enter game, I deleted Cache folder like I was told to when searching the error. Anyone?
Same, a friend and I are dealing with it right now. Glad to know it's not just us.
Yup, I am stuck too
Forums (posts)are popping up on Technical Support first one was yesterday now there are more from all over the place.

Like when I think of something but my fingers only type out half.
can't log in either
Same happening to me as well.
Same here, I tried logging in a few minutes ago and I got a couple of different errors.
Same here, ERROR #114
I JUST came onto the forums to look for any information. Same thing is happening to me.
same here
Same, two of us cant get in
SEE?! It IS the end of the world!!!
Can't log in either
me too
No!!! I can't do all my dailies yet!!!
Getting the same error, it's possible it's an issue with the 64b client.
Tons of us are having this problem. Tried all the Bilzz suggestions and zip. Worked fine yesterday after the maintenance. Today Error 114. :(

There are lots of posts in Tech Support, this is also apparently happening on Diablo as well. I'm in California, so I'm even somewhat, close to Blizz. lol Well about 70 miles or so. Since it's a big problem, I'm sure they are working on it, we will just have to be patient.

No gaming for now. I will apparently be stuck with Christmas shopping. /shudders.
There's a post in the Technical Support Forums on this same topic. Appears Blizzard has nothing for us yet but a ton of players are experiencing this problem including myself. Hopefully within the next hour or so we will see a blue post on what's happening.

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