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help error #114 :(
Ok so i found a soulution around this
- Friend that plays WoW and can log-in without the error
- Portable Harddrive

On yours friends computer (if his logs into world without this error 114) go program files

under ProgramData there should be a BattleNet and a BlizzardEntertainment

Copy the WoW cache folder and folder in program data from my laptop, onto a HDD and used them to replace the existing ones on my pc.

before this i tried many solutions such as

-Running the game as an Admin
-Deleting the Cache folder
-Running the client in both 32 bit and 64 bit
-Changing my DNS server
-Re-installing the game
-Running it on another Admin and a non-Admin Account

hope this helped.
The issue could be one that's different from the one back in December 2012. Please make a new thread on the Technical Support forum.

Support Article for Error # 114:

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