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My got the 32 bit thing works, you sir are a genius
Goin to the 32bit worked for me thanks for the info :)
so, when this error is gonna be fixed?
ya i just deleted the Cache folder like blizz tech page suggested and same error 114 its begining to annoy the crap out of me comon blizz fix this fast i gotta raid soon :D
Yep, Zaphod hit it on the spot. Open up where all your wow folders are, and just click "Wow." Worked for me.
blizz got hacked.
32 or 64 dont work for me.
does anyone here have remote chat?
32bit worked for me as well
BLARRRRRRG!!!! *rages* me and my fiance cant log in Q~Q grr u wow
confirmed selecting 32bit works
I was playing just fine today no probs. I finally got my expansion in the mail. I upgraded and now I can not log on.
Hm I have had no issue launching WoW in 64bit yet. . . now that I said it watch it happen.
Error 114 GO GO! yay >.>
i too am locked out! both of my accounts and computers... error 114
the hundreds of millions these twata get and cant even keep the game up.
Changing to 32 bit on the launcher or running direct from WoW in the folder did not work for me - get same error. Guess it's time to do something else and come back later.

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