What is Battle Fatigue?

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Hey all,

Returned to WOW recently and have heard Battle Fatigue mentioned a couple times. I've tried googling, but haven't come across any complete info (beyond a few forum postings elsewhere and this opaque descriptor: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=134735/battle-fatigue) on the specifics of what this is and when it is in effect. I'm aware of the recent hotfix upping the effect to 30%.

1) Is this debuff active in all PVP types (World PVP, Arena, BG, RBG, dueling)?
2) Does it affect all healing? I've read a few forum posts with people saying it does not affect percentage-based heals, like Rogue's Recuperate.
3) I assume it stacks with Mortal Strike-type debuffs? And is there a cap to the stacks?
4) Does it simply mean that healing is 30% less effective in PVP versus PVE or is there yet more hidden math behind any further discrepancy?

Thanks for any info.
Nutshell explanation:

Reference to what it is/context:

1) Yes. Previously there was only an aura to reduce healing in BG/Arena by 15%.
2) Yes, but percentage-based heals aren't affected as far as I can tell.
3) I believe it does stack, but I forget if it's multiplicative or additive.
4) The former. It's to tone down burst healing in PvP.

PvP critters feel free to correct me if I've missed something!
I did come across those 2 forum threads. However, your answers provide a lot more of the info I'm looking for. Thanks, Icedragon.
According to GC, Battle Fatigue is supposed to apply to %-based heals like recuperate:


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