Rediculous Frost Bomb Bug with Spell Reflects

Bug Report
Blizzard, there is currently a bug with Frost Bomb (and or spell reflect) that allows Mages to take NO damage from Frost Bomb when it is reflected by any sort of spell reflect.

Warrior Spell Reflect, Monk Diffuse Magic, etc.

Here is a link to a video of a Mage taking damage from his own Frost Bomb detonation and then being healed back up to the percentage of health he was at before the Frost Bomb detonates once he takes damage from any source after the detonation.

There is no game mechanic that makes it so Mages are not supposed to take damage from Frost Bomb. Please Hot-fix this Blizzard. This bug has actually been in the game for quite a while and no one has addressed it.
Hopefully this can get fixed soon
bit ridiculous of a bug
i concur, mirrored blades... ;(
Please hotfix this...
Hurry up and fix this crap or else.
please fix this blizzard. balance your game
It's disgusting how four other posts have gotten blue posts even thought this one has been on the front page all day... at least let us know that you KNOW about the problem Blizzard.
go ahead and fix this bug as long as you fix the bug where frost bomb ignores all resilience and crits the mage for 300k
blizzard pls
I can't believe Blizzard hasn't read this yet and made a notice about it...
Bumping this for a possible blue post... please...

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