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Ok -- I'm looking to get a new computer for playing WoW. My current computer would be great if the graphics card/power supply weren't so low... and the tower literally has no room to upgrade. It's great for web surfing and doing documents etc. But with WoW... really low fps when it comes to raiding or pvp or anything that has a number of spell effects, even when everything is on the lowest setting.

So I'm looking for something else. Hopefully under $600. It doesn't need to run 60 fps on ultra settings. But I'm hoping for 30-40 fps on fair/good.

I am looking for a pre-built -- I'm not looking to try and build one right now.

I'd even be willing to get a slightly less expensive computer, if it had room for me to replace the graphics card and power supply, add RAM etc and it would work well.

Any suggestions?
If you want to look at ibuypower, or cyperpowerpc, they tend to make their computers more suited for upgrades than other vendors like HP, Dell and such.
As mentioned above, iBuyPower and CyberPowerPC are good ways to go.

Under $600

AMD: CyberPowerPC GU6034

Both are offering free shipping from TigerDirect as well. Go with either one; they'll both serve you well for WoW.
What is your CPU? / Motherboard?
12/13/2012 03:35 PMPosted by Kalganized
What is your CPU? / Motherboard?

Haven't the foggiest.

I know how to add more ram to my computer and how to put in a new power supply and graphics card. That's it.

Everything else... not a clue.
Use CPU-Z to find out CPU / motherboard.
I'm not sure how that will help though? It's not an issue with my computer parts themselves as to why I can't upgrade my current one. It's the actual size. Even with low profile graphics cards, I cannot find a power supply other than the factory one that came with my current computer to fit in, and I can't find a graphics card that will accept the paltry 220w I have.
Oh, okay. :X

Well, what I would do is something like this:

Unfortunately, not really an excellent deal, unless you are willing to build your own. Best you can do though, really.
I bought mine through (ibuypower) about a year ago and I couldn't be happier. You don't have to spend a fortune to get a decent gaming computer.

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