Unsheathing just one weapon?

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Not too long ago i was in goldshire and i saw someone duelwielding but only one weapon was unsheathed he unstheathed the main hand one and the other was on the right side of his waist. From what i saw it looked like 2 handed weapons could have been 1 handed i dont know i would just like to know how to do this

Well I know that if you go from a dual wield spec like fury (warrior) to arms spec your off hand weapon becomes red like it is broken, maybe that will also cause it to not be unsheathed?

Also from what you said about them seeming to be two handed weapons that would also make sense as fury warriros can dual wield 2h weapons at level 38. If they switch to arms however they can only use the weapon in the main hand.
Ok thanks for the information.

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