Arcane mage spells?

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Can someone list the level 10 - 20 arcane spells you get in the arcane spec? They have to be up to date, so I can know if they are really that level. Thanks.!

Click the tab for "Arcane" and read.
If you have a mage you can actually see the level you obtain all abilities by hitting the arcane spec button in your spells and abilities menu even if you aren't arcane. You can also find all this information on this site's or wowhead's talent calculator

Arcane mages get Arcane Blast and their arcane charge passive at level 10.

They get arcane barrage at level 12.

They get polymorph at level 14.

All classes then choose a talent at 15.

They get the shatter passive at 16.

They get their port abilities at level 17.

And they get arcane explosion at level 18.
Thanks guys that was just what I needed.

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