491 prot warrior lf heroic guild

I am currently 16/16 N 2/16 H and have seen 3/16H. I have no preference of 10 or 25 but must be stable.

I have been main tanking on my warrior since the prebc days where I led my guild up to sapphiron in naxx. I was co-gm and warrior class officer. In Wotlk I main tanked my guild through 12/12 hm icc and 11/12 25 hm icc getting to p3.

I am the type of person who takes raiding very seriously yet at the same time prefers a relaxed environment in the sense that everyone knows what is expected of them and gets it done. I am an extremely quick learner and I never make the same mistake twice. I play to fully optimize my character through macros, key bindings, and class research. I am looking for a guild where players strive to do the same.

I prefer to raid 3-4 days a week with a group that is very progression oriented: any variation of Sun/Mon/Tues/Wed any time (the later the better). I can swing thursdays if the raid will be over by 11PM EST.

Feel free to leave info below.
Hello from PG.

We're a raiding guild originally from Mal'Ganis, now on Sargeras. We're always looking for good people who are also very skilled players.

Current Progression: 2/6 Heroic MSV // 15/16 Normal

- ELE Shaman
- Tank. (non-leather)

We raid later in the night.

- Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 10 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. Server Time / Central

This is us:

- We're way too old. We're a day one guild, and we've matured a lot over the nine years. Most of us have jobs, many of us are married.

- We're organized. This means that the guild is organized around a constitution and offices, not personalities. We distribute power between multiple offices--the GM is far from omnipotent--and we expect turnover in those offices.

- We're social. This isn't a get-loot-and-get-out guild. Be social.

- We're flexible. Real life comes first. Attendance is never mandatory, though long absences will lead to removal from the raid team. The corollary is that is that sometimes too many people want to raid and we all sit it out sometimes.

- We care about progression. Despite this, and despite that we raid only 7 to 11 hours a week, we expect full dedication during raid time. Up to date knowledge, gems, enchants, and flasks are mandatory. Performance is monitored and poor performance leads to removal from the raid team.

Interested applicants should message one of our officers in game or add Alatise to Real ID.

Real ID: Weenter#1501

Current Officers: Alatise, Epsi, Clone
Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to stay for the entirety of Thursdays raid. Thank you for your interest though. Still looking.

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