[A] <No Quarter> LF Casuals (12/12 ToT)

Moon Guard
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Gratz on Durumu everyone!
Incoming weekend.
Saturday has come and gone.
Monday's are poo.
It would be nice to see a patch tomorrow, but I know my heart will be broken.
Valor capping.... WTB item upgrader!
Great job, Primordius and Animus down!
Welcome Skylight!
Morning everyone!
WTB 5.3
Monday is the worst day of the week.
Let's chat about baby goats. I just want one...>.>
No one?!
Updated. The hunt for a new warlock begins.
For da locks!
Updated. The hunt for a new warlock begins.

The curse continues.
I have a terrible feeling there will once again be no 5.3.
Yay another week of wasting valor.
ARG have to wait another week for ONE dam spirit.

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