Blizzard.balance cards?

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Do they sell these in stores? I haven't seen them anywhere but there's an option in my account to add the codes found on the cards? :O
I thought I saw them at Gamestop.
Hmm i checked there :(
The only cards I know of are Game Time cards. I usually get mine at Target. They have 2 months of game time for $29.99 per card. I know GameStop, Best Buy and other retail stores have them.
I saw some diablo 3 RMAH cards in walmart.. I'm not exactly sure how they operate but go check them out. I'm assuming that since the only 2 forms of payment are bnet balance and paypal.. that the card puts a balance on your bnet account which could be used for WoW items.

Remember.. i'm not 100% sure on this.. do some research first before buying.
Yeah that's what I'm trying to figure. I don't want to use it for D3, but for WoW and Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm. ;)
The only way to add money to your account to use with the store is to use a credit card or paypal. The only codes you can enter are those off of the game time cards.
gamestop and walmart or use your mommys credit card
I saw some at target the other day.
Target? Ballin.

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