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Last thread capped.

What are people farming lately? Any success?

14+ hour mark.
Still haven't gotten any.

Also if anybody adds my Battletag make sure you let me know who you are and what it is you're after or I ignore the requests.

Too many crazies on the forums.

Did you pass out last night when you went to lay down?

Yes. I was catching a cold or something and my body was like "NOPE.".
Are you still at 2 or was it 3? Did you beat the cold virus or it win?
6/10 Skyshards. No luck with Vale boxes/Mistfall-being-on-fire farming.

Hit 100 Kael'thas solos with no love across 2 toons. 71 Onyxia's as well with no love.

Decided to murder my wallet - all I need for crafted gold sinks in MoP is the Kyparium Rocket.

Total sits at 208.
I'm at 6 skyshards (on my main, don't get me started with how lucky I am on my alts, boa skyshards pls!). Got 'em mainly through vale treasures (4) and 2 just from daily trash. Slowly but surely!
12/20/2012 05:11 PMPosted by Fastlane
Are you still at 2 or was it 3? Did you beat the cold virus or it win?

Still at 2.
Got both those 2 at complete random to - not even farming.

And yeah. Feeling much better today.
I'm being a fatty and making mozza sticks to celebrate the end of the world.
I think I caught a cold too. Just sneezefested in my office.

I need to farm alani crystals... AGAIN. What's a good place/mob? You guys are experts at this.
Tricksters when they're up in Vale.
The silvery carp in the lake next to mistfall respawn instantly, so there is no downtime or moving. I guess its more suitable for ranged, but w/e! :D
Trickers especially on the day Mistfall Village is on fire is a great day. If you hit them while they're on fire, the tag+fire will kill them with little to no effort.
Oh god, if anyone has a magic rooster and a moonkin druid... the hilarity. I hated my moonkin until right now.
I'm gonna start farming the ZG panther. I just did it on the first try; it was way easier than I expected. I kind of miss having to do a dungeon boss every day in hopes of getting a mount, so now I get that again. The novelty will probably wear off in a week though. wtb more than 2 guildies that collect mounts
7/10 shards for me - 0 from the dailies, only from killing mobs. 2 from Tricksters and the rest from the Mogu Spirits at the Burial Grounds, it's pretty quiet there most of the time.

I need to start doing the Alyz solo, being putting it off for a while now, since Gina helped me with trash that day actually. Going out tonight and won't be back until tomorrow night, so maybe I'll try then.

No luck on Ashes with Soph - still got the the DK to solo through and the paladin.

Happy Birthday to me tomorrow, maybe? Last year I actually got the Blue Drake from a CTA Bag on my b'day - although I'm guessing WoW gave me Ony as my early b'day pressie this year.
I wish I got an RNG for my birthday lol.

I suppose Tyr was more than enough though even if he wasn't a drop or anything. I get tells all the time about him. /attentionho

Also; Clearing Uld-25 tonight with the guild if anybody wants to come help out.
You're more than free to take the lockout if you don't want a shot at the loot card.

12/20/2012 09:24 PMPosted by Lethalock

That all over my face. Now to see who the real collectors are rather than the fakes.


I can't believe it!
You'd think one of the three I've been farming for almost a year would drop. Attune, Ony, Ashes. For a few months there I was getting a mount every week, but I've hit a serious dry spell ever since I picked up the Blue Proto Drake. All the other mounts I bought or were rewards from something else.
So last time i counted i was at 237 Stonecore runs....and that was 2 weeks ago when i've been doing anywhere bewteen 3 and 10 kills a day, can only hope Vortex Pinnacle isn't this bad.

Also at roughly 13k kills of tricksters in northern vale and about 2k random other mobs and still have yet to get a 3rd skyshard.
Well done on the Guildox changes guys, should be good to see when they come out.

Wilhelm - yeah I found Stonecore took me a LOT longer than Vortex, and I've known it to be the opposite for other people (long Vortex, quick Stonecore). Let's hope they drop for you soon and you don't have a long Vortex run.

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