Gondria, oh Gondria, where are you?

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Hello all! I've been camping/looking around for Gondria for about a week now. I have NPCscan, SilverDragon, every addon, but I can't find her. I'm looking right on top of all of her spawn areas of Zul'drak. I have one question too, When you come online and NPCscan says Gondria is cached, does that mean she spawed and I can go tame her? or she isn't there, but it says she's cached?
It usually means that its item code has been seen sometime before. Usually it's a hunter who has that pet out. Before you log into wow, you should clear your cache.
It means you have come across her before I believe. Does npcscan still work? Mine says it is outdated and doesn't seem to load.
12/24/2012 09:20 PMPosted by Grayhair
It means you have come across her before I believe. Does npcscan still work? Mine says it is outdated and doesn't seem to load.

Mine personally stopped working after 5.1 dropped, I'm sure it can still work, but I'm too lazy to figure it out due to knowing where most of the rates are.
kk, thanks for the help :) You can make it work again, click addons at the bottom of your screen, and at the top, check mark load out of date addons, then it will begin working again. How it loads out of date I think is a silly idea of Curse. Now, I shall find that silly kitty cat!
I cant find her ether, she is so far the hardest. I have loque all 3 from hyjal, but I know when the cats spawn on my server so it was easy. arthus and ghostcrawler. I some what tried for skoll. but I have been focusing on gondria. NO LUCK. On line keeps saying 12-24 hour spawn timer. I dont beleive that. as far as NPCscan if its "cache" it will not detect it. it need to be cleared, from my understanding its somehow link to the port/server that your on or share. so you need to delete the cache folder daily for it to detect while hunting. If you have any advice on how to catch gondria please tell. I will share all my info as well. Fro my exp EVERY!!! spirit beast spawns from 45-15 of every hour. when timer is up. evey one of my tames where then right after then spawned. I never had to camp longer then 4 hours and that was for arthus. on the average was 2-3. So I figured they were on a 6-8 hour respawn but i been searching gondria today for 7 hours and no luck. I hope this helps you out.BTW I been hunting spirit beast for couple months and I am regreting it. I been a hunter since WOTLK.
beside loque^^^^ I was camping him wrong but when I did it right 45 mins I found him.
Found gondria, arcturis, and skoll in a matter of an hour, then my luck turned on and i spent 4 months camping Loque.
tamed Gondria 9:23 am on KT this morning be patient your time will come and tamed Karoma this morning as well at 8:44 am. now all I need is SKOLL and I will have them all :)
You have silverdragon, this it good. I would disable NPCscan, but leave the overlay on. Silverdragon doesn't require you to clear your cache, for each log in, NPCscan will. The overlay now works without the original program.

Silver dragon will not, however, spam you if it picks up on a cache scan. If you have seen it in, say, the last half hour, if won't trigger again unless you mouse over it, or if someone in your group that also has silver dragon senses it.

My guild uses the Silver Dragon / NPCscan Overlay combo, not just for rare tames, but hunting MoP rares. It's a fairly efficient system.

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