80-84 MoP Greens

starting in the 80-84 bracket i noticed people with 100k+ health and wondered how the hell this happened when i was sitting at 25k upon reaching 84 fully geared in pvp i noticed i only have 50 but people were still sitting at 100k+ i inspected a few and seen GREEN mop gear. wtf?! why is green pve gear for our lvl so much better for pvp then the purp pvp gear is. so i fully geared myself in Mop greens and now im sitting at 100k with everyone else along with my damage skyrocketing. again the question arises how and why is the gear so much better. this just doesn't make any sense what so ever.
This same thing happened in Cataclysm. It's a by product of Blizzard ensuring that the transition from x-pac to x-pac was smooth, and didn't make it difficult for casuals and alts to jump right into the new xpac.

It's also a great source of gold!
should i even bother with the 85 gear then? is this how it is all the way up till 90?
All the HP in the world doesnt help if your resil sucks.
12/26/2012 09:53 AMPosted by Bakaryu
GREEN mop gear. wtf?!

Wait till you see 80s with them blues
2 stam is = to 1 resil. so if i lose 25 resil but gain 100 stam its well worth it.
same goes for int and pvp power
thats what im saying Vyrlain. for example look ay my gear compaired to yours its a stupid difference. and i probably only spent 500g on all my gear.
I personally can't complain though sitting on so much spellpower and 90% fire crit with my own buffs. <3 the scaling of stats at 80.

Still, when I first hit 80 (XP-On) it took one game to realize how different it can be between 80s in Wrathful and 84s in MoP greens. The difference is probably more dramatic than any other bracket.

Working as intended, though.
im prety sure you can find greens and blues that have SP on them. i just chose not to im running arcane and frost. so mastery does me better. still gotta reforge though. i have WAY to much hit.
Matsuba's Breadmaker (with Windsong) alone is enough to nearly dominate 80-84 XP-on BGs as a mage.
Staff of Broken Hopes would better suit me du to mastery. and its cheaper.
The 80 pvp gear is pointless at your level but once you hit 85 the cata gear is worth getting. I'm leveling this toon from 85 to max just pvping haven't ran into problems yet except maybe rogues with legendary or melee with the archaeology polearm.

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