Epic lvl 90 alchemist stones?

I apologize if there is already a thread about this, but I didn't see one. Is the rare quality alchemist stone the only one there is for lvl 90 right now?
That's all there is.
The alchemy profession perk is mixology, not the Zen Alchemists Stone. The trinket is purely meant to be a leveling perk, easily replaced in end-game content. Though it may last a little longer then that for healers.
Especially upgraded, it's actually a very good starter trinket for shadow. You need two raid drops (hmm, I forget if the valor trinket is good?) to replace it, and it's far better than the garbage Brewfest trinket, even non-upgraded. The proc is just that strong.

For healing I find it quite uncompelling. Starting out you need spirit badly, and it neither provides significant spirit or static int/throughput all that well. If the MoP concentration potion was as good as Cata's, it might make the difference, but those suck this expansion.
The Zen Alchemist trinket upgraded beats out all the LFR trinkets for my class.. Yes it's a rare but so far it's been the most reliable item I've had.. I'm ilvl477 and I still run with it on bosses I need extra DPS and extra health ... Check it's rating with your class, but for mine.. It kicks butt! and should be an epic.

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