Neutral AH

Does anyone actually Use this service ??

Thinking about putting Gauntlets of Battle Command up as sick of dealing with level 4 alts on Ah :D
or am i just wasting my time :(
back in the day toons use to move items from alliance to horde, and others like me use to ninja those items. lol!
Yeah, you only ever really see the Neutral AH being used to move items cross-faction. You don't see anything "good" on there ever (unless like mentioned above, you're quick enough to snipe bid something someone has put on for a low price before they can get it themselves).
I suppose depending on the server some people still use the N. AH for selling pets at a raised price for profits; like the alliance little dragons and moths, and the hordes cockraoches if i remember right. Think both factions can buy the cats now except for timmy's from Stormwind? Ive been out to sea too long, waiting to get back so I can play again!!!! errr....

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