TCG Loot Card Buy/Sell Thread Illidan #2

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WTB Magic Rooster Egg.
02/11/2013 09:59 PMPosted by Skybot
WTB Magic Rooster Egg.

Aww crap I didn't see this. Just helped my friend sell his, would have directed him to you. =(

Try this thread too Skybot.
Alright ladies and gentlemen! I have one fantastic Crimson Death Charger left for sale!
Selling two Level 25 guilds:

<Asphyxiation> Level 25
1675 Achievement Points
163/243 Achievements
7 Bank Tabs

<Galaxy> Level 25
1480 Achievement Points
144/243 achievements
7 Bank Tabs


Added another guild to the list:

<ManBearPig> Level 25
500 Achievement Points
50/243 Achievements
7 Bank Tabs

Contact me for any inquires:

<ManBearPig> SOLD
Selling: Wooly White Rhinox1 along with the spectral cub and ethereal soul trader
Looking to sell magic rooster egg

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