How do I improve my DPS?

Although I got some help on the General forums, I thought this would be the best place to learn how to play my class.

I've been playing this Fury Warrior ever since I started WoW 2 years ago. It's the only class I'm really familiar with, yet I'm not very good at it. I would like to learn why I'm bad at this game, and specifically this class. It's possible I just need to try some other classes and level them substantially to learn whether a Warrior just isn't for me, but I'd like to stick with this character and make a Warrior work.

My DPS sucks. It wasn't very good in Cataclysm, but it was my first expansion and I was clueless when it came to gearing and everything towards the beginning. But it seems like I'm only doing worse in MoP, despite knowing this class and this game a little better. I would've expected to have improved with time, but I find friends who've never even touched a Warrior can play it better than me.

I've already started fixing some major problems pointed out in my thread on the General forum, as well as the Warrior guide here, namely improving my Hit and, to a lesser extent, Expertise, getting enchants, and replacing some bad pieces of gears. I'd still like some advice, though, as to why my DPS is trapped abysmally in the 28k-32k range. When my friends' Lv. 88 Warrior alts DPS more than me, it gets depressing.

I know Fury Warriors are very gear-dependent, but I feel my attacks, buffs, and CDs are a major problem as well, and that's where I could use some tips particularly.

It should be noted I'm speaking strictly PvE, of course, as I don't PvP whatsoever.
At your gear level, 60k shouldn't be a stretch... but you are also using a very odd approach when it comes to gear.
You have a ring intended for healers / caster dps, if it is in your bags, it boosts your item level, you don't have to wear it.

You have tank gear, and lots of gear that is not itemized for Fury. Haste especially, but mastery have very low value in comparison to crit or strength.

You can reforge for your hit and expertise caps, you shouldnt have to specifically gem for it. I recommend using the ReforgeLite addon.
Because of this, you are also missing out on a LOT of crit rating.

Plan out your valor upgrades if you can. You picked up a few pieces that don't exactly do much for you, specifically the neck/legs.

Looking at your gear overall, considering how BAD haste and mastery is, you only have 4000 crit on your gear, 3700 haste, and 2800 mastery. Properly gemming and reforging WILL increase your dps some, but plan your upgrades wisely so you can use valor points you don't "need" for upgrading.

Pretty sure for Fury, you would want to use the green gem that gives 160 crit 160 hit instead of 80 str 160 hit if the socket bonus is beneficial. 320 Crit in yellow / prismatic, 80 str 160 crit in red.

Titan's Grip, atleast for single target, is performing quite a bit lower than SMF right now, but that is all dependent on execute time. With that being said, it's probably a good idea to aim for the two axes in Temple of Jade, or the LFR weapons.

I consider Glyph of Death from Above mandatory, it is a dps gain, and a mobility gain - you really don't give anything up for it.

All of these things you can improve on, obviously, but I suggest you give the sticky at the top of this forum a THOROUGH read, as 30k dps is most likely not that deeply related to your gear, but your rotation.
It is essential that you know what ability to use when, and why that is the case. Even if you know your priority rotation, you should understand it.

Don't skim, read the entire thing
Everything I have pointed out is covered in here, and you said you have read the guide in the warrior forums? Did you read the right one? Either way, you need to take another look.

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