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Wyrmrest Accord
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ALL THE LOVE CIV! ALLLlllll of it!
We are still recruiting! We've had some wonderful fun folks come down to Darkshire, and we'd love to see some more! General recruitment comes from walk-up/engaging RP, so please feel free to approach any Coalitioner you see if we're marked IC!
I will come to run into you all soon!
This thread is Everson approved.
Fei Mei Yoon approved!
Bump you fine folks back up.
Remember that time in Darkshire when ...
... We don't speak of that time. If that's the time you're referring to. If not, then I would direct you to that other time. In which case we'd have to not speak of that time either.

It's best we just don't bring up that time, or the other time. MAYBE that one time...
Had some great RP in Darkshire last night!
Darkshire will be greater once I arrive. Of this I assure you.
I have been assured! Bumpit!
*hugs this thread*
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Sir Jonathan Folcard is so manly, he can wrestle a bear with his pinky fingers.
The Mogu built the Great Wall to hold Sir Jonathan Folcard Back.
I've been lurking in Darkshire lately. Be afraid... BE VERY AFRAID!!!!

All your biscuits are belong to -ME-!!
FLEE FOR YOUR LIVES! HIIIDDDEE CIVARDI IS LURKING! *Screams in terror* --- All my love, Civ.

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