@Ninth Orgrimmar and Groshkar.

Wyrmrest Accord
I enjoyed it, we're continuing the rp today, should be fun.
Ahh Yes. Sals. I was wondering what was going to happen when you appeared....

Outta be fun when Im off on Tuesday.
Funny thing, I had no idea you were captured. I had a planned thing with them, and was coming to start it when they said they were leaving out of Org. I was shocked and surprised to see this turn of events, but believe me, I didn't expect it at all, lol.
This was honestly the best thing I have ever witnessed. I took so many screenshots.
yeah forgot my Authenticator tonight...didnt get to work on my story at all...awesome...
I should have the post up by tonight...

Hey Sals can you lemme know ingame mail mybe what Sals full character name is and what happen out front of orgrimmar? just to add some info to my point of view of the story, I didnt really understand what was going on at that moment but I do mention seeing you and us getting held up for a few moments.
If I tug on your braids, will you spit out candy?
Awesome RP? That I missed!?

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