[H] 13/13HM (US 35) 25m TOT LF Mage/Lock

Guild Recruitment
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<Stage Clear> is currently looking to boost our roster for semi-hardcore 25-man progression in Mists of Pandaria.

Server: Kil'Jaeden (H)

Raid Times: 8-12 PST Tuesday-Thursday (with possibility of additional progression or clean up raid day on Monday)
Loot: Council
Officers/Contacts: Banakk (GM),TheRech or Healbøt
Website: stageclear.enjin.com

OVERALL 10/25 Combined: US 91 Madness Kill, 81 Spine, 31 Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider
10M: World 271, US 43 Madness, 45 Spine
25M: US 277 H:Madness like 5 months later

US 118 Will of the Emperor (Server First)
US 152 Elegon
World 93 Sha of Fear
US 55 Heroic Sha of Fear
US 50 H Jin'rokh
US 47 H Horridon
US 45 H Tortos
US 45 H Megarea
US 56 H Ji-Kun
US 43 H Council
US 43 H Primordius
US 53 H Iron Qon
US 38 H Twins
US 45 H Durumu
US 43 H DA
US 38 H LS
US 35 H Ra-den

Recruitment Needs


We are also looking ALL for exceptional DPS players. Our logs are public, if you think you could compete against the class you would be applying against, do not be afraid to app with relevant logs.



All trial positions will spend time in and out of heroic progression. Any time spent on the bench is expected to be used watching the raids stream, or being available at moments notice. That being said we use heroic fights to test trials, so you must be able to preform whatever role may be needed of you in a fight.

What We Expect:

- Applicants should know ALL specializations within their class and are able to switch between them if needed.

- Applicants should be up to date on the current theorycrafting, and are aware of any ways to better their gameplay on a fight to fight basis, be it tanking, healing, or DPSing.

- Applicants are reliable, trustworthy, and able to make all raid times (unless there's an extremely good reason and we are *notified beforehand*).

- Applicants can follow directions and have a good grasp on all raid mechanics ***even before progression begins on a certain fight.*** When all raiders know what to do and how to go about mechanics before the first pulls it greatly assists in streamlining progression.

Please post or contact the above listed officers with any questions. You can also add questions to your application @ Stageclear.enjin.com
Just need like 10 warriors, All the executes!!
I haven't seen a feral cat in a long time.
What's going on in here?!
Feral cats get all of the cool Symbo !@#$.
RIP Tayshaun
10am is a good time to pet battle.
The sky is blue
We have cookies!
No we don't cause you ate them all!
I wanna be the very best.....
Like no one ever was...
Im sorry i don't know the song, but i do have 475 unique pets
Banakk, you are the worst nerd ever.
I don't think I can be in this guild anymore.... >.>
Shut up and crane kick
I cleaned the bank so good.
LFM 25M HM ICC Need dps/Heals... Wait....

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