[H] 13/13HM (US 35) 25m TOT LF Mage/Lock

Guild Recruitment
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If you enjoy making health bars go to full, we're the place for you
resto shaman, resto druid, holy/disc priest app today, kill bosses
resto shaman, disc/holy priest, amazing resto druid app today!
eat your vegetables
brush your hair
more please
wash your hands
Come kill Primordius
We need more green numbers than yellow. Or purple squares.
clean your shoes
I'm awake.. and we still need more lock and heals.
Looking for healer types!
resto sham/druid holy/disc priest app today!
spider hiss hiss
to the top
scrub your tongue
Cool, maybe by the time we get to Ra-den we will have 5 locks.. or at least 3?
rub your arms
lock your doors

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