[H] 13/13HM (US 35) 25m TOT LF Mage/Lock

Guild Recruitment
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More purple!
I'm starting to think that feral druids don't exist.
One last explosion marks your fate as your ship is torn apart.

SCORE: 1255
ftl ftl
We need DPS who can move and press buttons.
inbetween cmode bump
10 seconds that was close
Healbot uses focus pots, smh.
About to overlay this video with dubstep.
ssb sux
We have room for all DKs
I think you're drunk Banakk.
01/19/2013 01:46 AMPosted by Banakk
We have room for all DKs
quick! someone get broly on the horn!
yes please
it's a strange condition, a day in prison
it's got me out of my head and i don't know what i came for
we got gold. now we need dps.
what do i do with my life now

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