[H] Nurfed 13/13H ToT - LF TANK & DPS

Guild Recruitment
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Nurfed is a 25m semi-hardcore raiding guild on US Tichondrius.

We've been a WoW guild since classic alpha, nearly 10 years ago. We'll be here for at least 10 more.

We raid Tuesday & Wednesday 6PM to 10PM PST, and Sunday 5PM to 9PM PST -- that's only 12 hours per week during progression. Many guilds pretend they raid only three days too, but go on to cite caveats such as "unless we're close to a boss kill" or "the fourth day is for cleanup." A cursory glance at their World of Logs page will similarly reveal the deception.

The bottom line is that we are indisputably unique in the WoW landscape, and for reasons other than those listed above. We offer an experience that no other guild could ever hope to match.

If you don't know why, we don't want you.

We're Currently Recruiting the Following Classes:*


  • Prot Warrior & Prot Paladin HIGH
  • Brewmaster Medium
  • Blood & Guardian Low

  • Ranged DPS:

  • Balance Druid
  • Mage
  • Melee:
  • Deathknight
  • Feral Druid

  • Healers:

    *We are recruiting exceptional players of any classes regardless of recruitment needs. We embrace competition for raid spots around here to keep our established members on their toes.

    Up-to-date recruitment needs can be found on our profile at:

    In-game contacts for recruitment: Biffins, Ub, Sensse, Somaa
    Bump for tanks and ranged!
    Currently I'm 5/16 HM, 16/16 Normal. Cannot change the toon to my main right now because i change the name and for some reason Blizz won't pop the name in here so you guys can Watch my armory, But if you guys dont believe me check my alt title it haves tranquil master. So let me tell you guys my wow story first.I have been playing this game for over 5 years by now and have been a hardcore raider since then, i did almost all HM ulduar prenerf except yogg and general, because of problems with the guild and people not showing up :( which im really dissapointed because i want to clear progression before prenerf i don't like clearing stuff the easy way. Anyways, My main atm is affliction warlock/demo, why because i have been melee for a really long time and have been dying to try range. I have ranked on several fights in normal and HM on WoL, and i look fights before even trying to defeat the boss since i always want to maximize my dps instead of doing !@#$ty dps and not helping the guild out with progression. Why im looking for a guild? well becuase i was in a 10 man that recently disband because two people dissapeared on us and we didnt like to pug ;( sadly we disband the guild. But, like i said i wont stop on progression until i clear everything.I can raid 7 times a week any time. I basically have no life i just go to college and play wow ;) im not fat btw ;P. But yeah i mean, i will assist to all raids and do 100% good performance without letting enyone down :). ty for your time and if interested pst me in game stevowetzio@hotmail.com
    Still looking for tanks and ranged!
    12/17/2012 02:31 PMPosted by Cryhu
    Still looking for tanks and ranged!
    Up Up.
    Looking for a core healer as well, Monk/Shaman preferred!
    Still LFM!
    Updated original post, still need Tanks & Ranged, and 1 healer!
    Stilll LFM!
    12/19/2012 04:09 AMPosted by Baihu
    Stilll LFM!
    Need some more recruits! Working on progression again after the holiday hiatus!
    12/20/2012 03:50 PMPosted by Cryhu
    Still looking for recruits!
    Need a MT and more Ranged DPS!
    MT & Ranged! Also a spot for 1 non-Priest healer!
    Still need Ranged & MT! Updated recruitment needs.
    Still need Ranged & MT! Updated recruitment needs.

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