489 Mistweaver LF 8pm+ raiding guild

Considering server transfer to Lightbringer, but my main restriction is starting raids at 8pm PST. I'm willing to do 3 nights / ~12 hours/week. Any later guilds on this realm looking for a healer? I would also entertain ww/bm, my offspec set is ~482.
We are looking for another healer to join our 10 mans. We raid wed and thurs 8:30pm till 11:30 server time. We are looking to add a raid night but need a consistent healer to do so.
About us, like yourself we are recent transfers to the server, our core group has been raiding since the beginning of Wrath. We are a mature guild who love to raid with as little drama as possible. If this seems like a fit for you, send me an in game mail, or reply here and we can set up a vent chat.
we could use a monk healer for one of our core groups. speak with me in game zen#1446

We are an Alliance guild on the server Lightbringer. We are a dual guild(Raiding and Casual). Meaning, if you do not want to raid we will not force you. We also prefer you to be a spec/class you are good at or comfortable with when raiding. We are currently 6/6 MV and 2/6 HoF. We enjoy helping our members with questions or even help gear them. We currently have 156 members. we currently raid 10 man.

we raid fridays and saturdays in the evening, and sat and sunday 3- 5 pm server time. so it should not get in the way of work/life. If you wanna talk more hit me up game zen#1446
strips for silver 4/16 10m heroic looking for healer.
what is your local time? pst? cst? est? need to know as we raid 7pm - 10pm PST.
tuesday/ wednesday / monday

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