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We’re a close knit Alliance guild which will always concentrate on a small group of quality players. If you prefer to be a key player rather than just another one of the masses, this might be the place for you. Several of our members--some of which who’ve been in top US guilds for years previous--have been raiding together for 3+ years and we’re all pretty friendly as well as dedicated. We definitely have the will and motivation to have a quickly progressing raiding environment.

We're currently 6/6 in heroic Mogu'shan Vaults, 5/6 in heroic Heart of Fear, and 1/4 in heroic Terrace of Endless Spring. We are raiding 3-4 days a week (Aiming to have solid Tuesday - Thursday 7pm-12am EST raid days but we are a VERY flexible bunch so could possibly change days for the right applicant, anytime between 7pm-1am EST typically works for most days besides Fri/Sat) but we sometimes add an optional fourth day on Sunday or Monday if everyone in the raid agrees.

Like most other guilds we a few expectations:

* High Attendance. We understand if something RL comes up and makes it so you can't show up, but we do expect some sort of heads up unless it's an emergency. We try hard to work our raids around the lives of our raiders but we can't do that without a little bit of time before hand. We do not recruit backups, so if someone misses a day if affects the whole raid quite severely if that day can't be rescheduled.

* Dedication. Content won’t always be a walk in the park and we’re not ones who just give up after a few wipes. We expect our raiders to read up on strategies and come to raid mentally prepared (we provide flasks/food but DPS need to bring DPS pots on their own). We don’t raid all that many hours each week so having to take extra time to explain something that someone could have watched a video or read a strat on isn’t really acceptable.

* Respect. Raiding can make tempers soar and yet we expect there to be no yelling at people or playing the blame game in our raids. We do try to figure out what went wrong every pull to try to fix it and expect our players to not continue to make the same mistakes each time. Generally there isn’t really any yelling at people that goes on during our raid although we will confront you if you’ve continually messed up.

* Willingness to learn. Not everyone who plays WoW is amazing at their class, and we understand this but we still expect our raiders to be researching the class they play and constantly trying to improve. If you have the mentality that you’re amazing and don’t need to do anything to change, quite bluntly, we do not want you. If you can’t take advice of others or at least keep an open mind when people say stuff, then this isn’t the guild for you. We do not like wasting people's money to transfer to our guild any more than people like to waste theirs.

Also, while this isn't necessarily a requirement, we are a pretty active guild who enjoys doing things on off days. Typically we work on old mount metas if we haven't gotten them or transmog runs. We also have been trying to become more consistent with Dungeon Challenges. Sometimes a bit of PvP. But if you're the type who likes to only log on during raid times and log off for the rest of the week, we aren't overly interested in having you become a part of the guild. We're trying to build friendships as well as a solid raid group. Also, I think it helps to have 'fun' days since we do take our raid time more serious.

We are currently searching for:

* A Shadow Priest with Disc/Holy offspec

These are always core spots. We don't recruit for bench positions unless it is something the player is interested in.

We do expect interested parties to have logs so we can better judge if you'd be a fit for our guild. If you do not have current logs, LFR logs are better than none at all. Also, I'm more than happy to run a LFR for you and log if you're alliance side and not entirely sure how to log.

I'm a friendly person, so if you are interested in joining, have any questions, or just want to know a little bit more about us… please add my battle.net ID: Quarla#1841 and PLEASE put at least your character’s name/realm in the message box so I know who you are (If you don't get a reply that day to a request, it might have gotten glitched and you might have to log on my server and speak to me). Or if you don't feel comfortable with that you can always talk to me in-game on Rain. Thanks for the read!

- Rain
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Clearly you guys are in the wrong: paladins suck compared to priests!
12/17/2012 10:54 PMPosted by Calm
Clearly you guys are in the wrong: paladins suck compared to priests!

Except that.. we already kinda have a priest as our 3rd healer. >.> So we want a pally! But thanks for your concern. ;)
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