[A] 12/16h 10m LF S/D Priest

Guild Recruitment
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Bumpin it
Haven't slept in 24 hrs bump!
9 hrs since last bump?!? Sheesh, people are slacking big time!
Yay for screwed up sleep schedules. XD Gotta love holidays.
Slacking on the bump job! Back to the top again! Also, Merry Christmas!
One last bump before I pass out.
It seems like I'm the only one bumping all of a sudden >.>
Oh ya, got my external hard drive for Christmas! Also, bump!
Merry Christmas bump!
Bumpin again.
And a-bump.
Annnnnd another bump
Bumpin for my brand new sweet SWISS backpack and brand new box of hollow point 40 cal rounds. <3 Christmas.

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