<NCP> Blasphemy 5/13H - Recruitment Closed

Hey there,

<Non Combat Pet>'s Team Blasphemy is currently seeking one or two select individuals to iron-out our roster for the remainder of t14 and onwards!

5/13 Heroic Throne of Thunder

This is the "late night" team under the <Non Combat Pet> banner and as such our raid times consist of the following:

Tuesday/Wednesday/Monday from 9 PM ST - 1 AM ST

It is imperative that any applicant has no conflict with these raid times as a 3 days/week raiding schedule is far less than extreme.


Currently Recruiting for IMMEDIATE Core Positions:

Mage - Must be able to play all 3 specs.


What you can expect from us is a laid back and fun (LGBT friendly) raiding environment compiled of raiders who consistently rank among the best on World of Logs. Having said that, when it is raid time we expect nothing but 100% focus on the task at hand. The majority of the group has been raiding at high levels for years, and we expect the same from you. While we only raid 3 days a week, progression is our main priority and as such we will ideally run a 12 person roster which can/will change on a boss-to-boss basis.

<Non Combat Pet> has 5 10-man raids who run on a weekly basis, please note you are applying to one of these specific raids, in this case Team Blasphemy.

If you feel as though you'd be a good fit for Team Blasphemy feel free to contact me in-game or apply at: http://noncombatpet.enjin.com/recruitment
Still looking!
I'm disappointed you didn't name your raid team "The Brawler's".
Of course you suggest this AFTER......

Still looking.
I'm exceptional...well a few stages beyond. :P
12/24/2012 08:42 PMPosted by Närwhal
I'm exceptional...well a few stages beyond. :P

Swimmin' in the ocean
Causin' a commotion.
12/24/2012 08:42 PMPosted by Närwhal
I'm exceptional...well a few stages beyond. :P
HEY! you promised me a special holiday treat of getting [lil Närwhal]

where's my [lil Närwhal]?
12/27/2012 10:29 PMPosted by Närwhal

Stop posting in my thread! Especially on the retired boomkin!

Still need that tank or healer.
Your DK tank with that accent is super cute.
12/28/2012 04:21 PMPosted by Mallard
Your DK tank with that accent is super cute.

Lol, thank you! :D
Still looking for that Resto Shaman (or mistweaver!).
Where are all the exceptional Resto Shamans and Mistweavers??
Currently Recruiting (In order of priority):

1x Resto Shaman or Mistweaver Monk

1x Exceptional DPS

As always, having an off-spec in which you can play at an equal level as your main spec is a bonus.

Bumpy bump <3
Bumping for my lover.

P.S. I evolved. :)
Ease stop teasing me in trade district.


I'll goat you.
Gimme dat Resto Sham!
01/11/2013 10:31 PMPosted by Ease
Gimme dat Resto Sham!

i eated them all

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