<NCP> Blasphemy 5/13H - Recruitment Closed

01/11/2013 11:55 PMPosted by Schwert
Gimme dat Resto Sham!

i eated them all

Bad Schwert! Bad! What did I tell you about eating people? Stop it or I'll put you back in your cage! >:(
Still need a shaman. Resto/Ele or Ele/Resto
no shaman for you!
Damnit Ease. I'd take the dps slot if it weren't for the fact that I work dayshift for two weeks out of the month. You guys stop raiding 2 hours before I get up and go to work ._.

Ps: I'm on dayshift right now, thus why I haven't been around for 5s.
Ele/Resto Sham................................... Free title/FoS included.
Bumpity bump for my slave monkey <3
Open recruitment for DPS.
Hmmm... tempting
** BUMP ** for a great bunch of folks! <3
Looking for 2-3 solid DPS to fill up the roster for the rest of 5.1 and continuing onwards.
** BUMP ** for a great bunch of folks! <3

:D thanks Max
WTB Hunter + Shaman.
Just need a hunter now. I know you're out there!
still looking?
Still need that hunter.. our shaman is building a legit 509 enhance set.
Any chance you guys can not be night :P. Darn shame.

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