So I guess the real question is this...

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I'm the one who lets others have fun with their train sets, but turns my volume down when I'm near one.

: )
I shock it. Because that's my name.
D.I.S.C.O. Ball + Moll-E + Fire Festival Statue + Mole Machine + Haunted War Drums + Jeeves + Valentines Day Umbrella + a /yell of "Ladies and Gentlemen... STUFF!" or go home.
I place it down on raid nights when we are NOT progessing for good reality people want to avoid and I think they may just try a little bit harder. When we are not doing so great even the raid leader will occassioanly say 'time for the train set". Of couse a couple of guildies brought the train wrecker. Its a ritual in our raid now - however I forgot about it when MoP drop and we are progessing even slower then usual I have to put it back in my bag!!!!!
Are you the man who places the toy train set?

Or are you the man who destroys it?

Place it though not so much anymore i got better things to do.

Ill drop one in the ah once in a while when alot of people are there or when i join a bg (the only one put one down is AV).

Its a once in a while event not something I throw down alot.
I place them in every single AV I go into.
Landro's XT >

but i still throw mine down for s's and g's
When i do drop one i look for any nearby male gnomes or pandas about due to their obnoxious choo choo's.
Both, but usually blowing it up.

It's not something that makes me go "oh you silly train people hahaha", it makes me go "I want to rip out your trachea". It's not funny. Stop. Just stop.

/drops train

Choo choo
/Summon Lil' XT

/Summon Lil' XT


Lil' XT AND Wind Up Train Wrecker.

Gotta be prepared.
People who destroy trains are fun-haters.
12/20/2012 07:35 PMPosted by Christie
At least it's not as irritating as mages who summon portals to random cities in bad places.

Ancient Portal: Dalaran is such a wonderful spell.

sums up my answer pretty well.
I am the guy who vote kicks the guy who placed the train set.
Are you the man who places the toy train set?

Or are you the man who destroys it?

Lol my shaman trolls the AH with it all the time, Eliil however hates it, and will always destroy them, especially at the tavern. Very annoying pesky things!
OMG I know what I'm doing in next week's LFR...
I am the alpha and the omega, the constructor and the destroyer, the bringer of freight and the derailer...

Nah, I'm just screwing with ya. I place the train then clean up after myself.

I love you.

I place it and sometimes destroy it with lilxt because I also like to watch him.
i do both

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