So I guess the real question is this...

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I summon it underneath the Christmas tree in Ironforge. It's just so cozy and cute there! Most people leave it alone, too.
/Summon Lil' XT


I'm with the dog!!
I always place the train to teach others to not be so intolerant
Are you the man who places the toy train set?

Or are you the man who destroys it?

I'm the man using 'Mute Annoying WoW Sounds' from Curse.
Amateurs Piccolo of the Flaming Fire
NOTHING brings the tears like a little song and dance.
Both...does that make me wrong?
Used to have all kinds of play sets, fireworks and cool rare artifacts in my bags but with 2 production professions I need all bag space now...but yeah I used to place it.
I set it out, then destroy it. I make my own entertainment.
I place my train set down at the start of AV in the tunnel.
Destroy. Always destroy.

I would have no problem with the trainset if it never forced everyone near it to spam the most annoying emote in the game. But now the damage has been done. Even if they remove the emote spam, I will still smash it on principle.
It's also fun to put the train down where the boss will be before a fight starts...

I'm the one who ignores the people who put those things down.
I can answer this in one word.


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