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Are you the man who places the toy train set?

Or are you the man who destroys it?

I carry a Lil' XT around with me at all times for that reason. Someone drops a train, people start to groan, but within seconds the familiar "I'm ready to play!" is followed with a pounding and - POOF! - no more train. And there are many cheers by all.
Saw the train set for the first time the other day in the Auction House. I had the window up for the auction house, heard the train, closed the window, watching everyone including me, I laughed so hard, then someone destroyed it. I thought it was great. But I guess everything is the first time! But it was funny.
Destroy, all the trolley chants startle my sleeping puppy.
A wind up train wrecker costs 200g. For every train set I drop, that's 200g invested for someone else. I consider it my own little way of charging the WoW economy to reduce price inflations on the AH. That and I hate AV as much as the rest of you.
/Summon Lil' XT

I do not destroy it.

I find the perpetrator's home address. Find my way there. Trap them in a suitable echoing sound room, much like a bathroom. Then, apply nails to a chalkboard.
And over.
And laught at the delicious, justifiable irony.
I keep my wind up train wrecker in my bags at all times for them.
12/22/2012 07:27 PMPosted by Iriana
I keep my wind up train wrecker in my bags at all times for them.
I love destroying train sets! :D
I destroy it ASAP.
I always destroy them if I don't want to hear the racket.
Got trains on almost every character on Darrowmere. Someone kills one just log out go to the next toon then redrop one. I rarely use them anymore but they are there for when im bored or get AV.

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