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Can someone suggest a pet combination to beat these guys? I'm having a lot of trouble here. I heard the minifernal was a good battle pet. Any others?
You will find a number of threads on the spirit tamers. Here are short versions of what I do (I go for 2v3 as to always be leveling a 3rd pet).

1. Earth Spirit Tamer - Fast rabbit on spirit, should be able to kill most (if not all) of the critter. Darkmoon zepplin on beast, end on explode. Lowbie lvl 1.

2. Water Spirit Tamer - Dino crew... Pterrordax Hatchling (or other flyer) obliterates fish without getting hit, Diemetradon Hatchling (or other beast) ravages critter, gets water spirit down low enough. Let beast take the big end-turn hits and then bring in your lvl 15-20 pet to finish it off. (Lowbie will die to tidal waves if too low here.)

3. Fire Spirit Tamer - Reflect the dragon's cyclone with Flayer Youngling (or even better Anubisath Idol). Kill elemental with snail. Get flyer down low and bring in lowbie to finish off. (Lowbie should be high enough to kill the flyer).

4. Wind Spirit Tamer - Lowbie lvl 1 survives one hit from the dragon. Switch in dragonkin. 1 dragon can usually take out all 3 of these guys (weak wind damage), 2 for sure. I like to use Mini Deathwing on the spirit for Call Darkness against his heal.

There are probably more efficient ways but these usually work for me.
Try pets with aquatic abilities. My Eternal Strider does well against all of them except the Air Spirit.
Minfernals are really not that good against any of the Spirit Tamers.

It's impossible to give a complete list of pets great versus these tamers, but what I use to kill them with only 2 pets each day:

Earth Spirit: Tolai Hare Pup (breed 5: S/S) and Rabid Nut Varmit 5000
Fire Spirit: Dark Whelpling and Emerald Proto-Whelp (regular Emerald Whelp works fine too)
Water Spirit: Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling with Peck/Lift-Off(uses same moveset as several other birds) and Dragonbone Hatchling with Thras/Lift-Off (uses same moveset as several other birds)
Air Spirit: Emerald Proto-Whelp (and Dark Whelpling if I am bored at how long it takes)

All in all, the Water and Air Spirits are very weak - you can literally kill the Air Spirit with 1 pet if you use a Dragon that can heal (Emeralds ftw). The Fire Spirit is a bit tricky, and the Earth Elemental can be a destroyer of worlds if you don't have very many pets to choose from.

Edit: Looking at your Armory, you may have a hard time with your current level 25s. I would recommend leveling your Arctic Hare to 25 (it's just barely fast enough to beat the Earth Spirit and Rat). For the Earth Spirit, use your Arctic Hare on the Earth Elemental and your Darkmoon Tonk on the Ooze. Switch back to your Arctic Hare for the Rat.

For the Fire Elemental, I recommend using your Dancing Water Skimmer to beat it up with Pump (may need to level to 25 first). You will have a hard time against his Dragon, but you may be able to down it with your Darkmoon Tonk with some luck. Then you can use Willy versus his Firefly and should be ok.

The Water Spirit may be tricky because you have nothing in the way of Flying damage, and the Air Spirit will be hard because half (3/6) of your pets are weak to Flying. A dragon would make the Air Spirit 10 times easier - I can recommend some if you're interesting in leveling one.
I use:

1. Fire spirit: pandaren monk (emerald proto-drake, celestial dragon), rapana whelk, sprite darter hatchling

2. Water spirit: flayer youngling, jade owl, rapana whelk

3. Earth spirit: rapana whelk, darkmoon zeppelin, flayer youngling

4. Air spirit: flayer youngling, celestial dragon, rapana whelk

The rapana whelk is a great counter to all the elementals. Use absorb, acidic goo and dive. Go dive -> goo -> absorb -> absorb -> absorb.
I use a fast Grasslands Hopper as my critter of choice against most elementals, and it does well enough to kill usually the first two of most of the Spirit tamers.

Timing the cocoon strike, and making use of its self heal, gives it a lot of durability. Once you learn the predictable pattern of the opponent's use of its abilities you can time the cocoon strike for maximum effectiveness.

Not useful against the water spirit, unfortunately.
12/21/2012 02:59 PMPosted by Seledor
Can someone suggest a pet combination to beat these guys? I'm having a lot of trouble here. I heard the minifernal was a good battle pet. Any others?

Mutter Mutter Mutter.

Occasionally, there are faster and easier/more elegant solutions though.
I took out the water spirit pretty easy using a Effervescent Glowfly, Lashtail Hatchling, and barely using the Rapana Whelk.

I'd be done with the air spirit if my Whelk wasn't blind and stopped missing dives. Seriously, I went 1 for 5 in 2 battles, and when I switched to a Strider, my pump was dodged.

For the air though, I use the celestial dragon and he usually kills at least 1, then the glowfly til he dies, then the whelk did I die.

I quit them though until things stop missing all the time.
They're all doable with a flayer youngling and a fluxfire feline. The air spirit takes a bit of luck with just them, but its doable. Then you can use a lowbie to nomnomnom the experience.
Anubisath Idol regularly solos the fire spirt tamer for me.

Sandstorm shuts down the wasp and DoTs. Reflect the big hits and Crush the dragon.
The Celestial Dragon can solo the air team. I've been leveling up all my lowest level favorites for the past hour. It's quite awesome.
Flayer youngling is a good against the dragons in the air and fire team. Use reflect>Kick>Blitz. The dragon, and most likely the next pet up, will barely have a chance to attack. For the fire team I also used my magical crawdad vs. ele, and my Nordrassil wisp vs. flying. Also a pretty easy trainer to beat.

I haven't beaten the mole in the earth team yet, but my rare deer vs. the elemental and a P/P breed ravager hatchling vs. the critter was easy. I ALMOST had the mole with my minfernal, but I got extremely lucky with RNG and dodged a couple attacks. I plan on leveling a rare broom to beat the mole since the broom is a magic type with mechanical abilities.

Haven't tried the thundering trainer yet, but I plan on using my pteranodon hatchling vs. the aquatic so I can use his lift-off to avoid whirlpool, ravager hatchling vs. the critter, and my magical crawdad vs. the elemental.

I got extremely lucky with my ravager hatchling. Her breed is unbelievably strong. I've also heard good things about the rapana whelk vs. the elementals in each team. Since it's a critter it avoids the stuns, and dishes out extreme aquatic damage, which is what the elementals are weak against.

Good luck, hope this helped!

Edit: Ended up beating the mole with my Flayer and the thundering trainer was just ridiculously easy with what I mentioned. Ended up choosing the earth pet since the mole was the only one to give me an inkling of trouble.
12/21/2012 02:59 PMPosted by Seledor
I heard the minifernal was a good battle pet. Any others?

Sorry, but I had to chuckle at this.
Honestly, if you do not mind going slow to beat these guys.

It is Simple: USE SKUNKS!

1. Hit with Accuracy Debuff
2. Heal
3. Melee
4. Melee/Accuracy Debuff (depends on opponent, if you think you might get stunned soon use the debuff here again)

Use this rotation, always use heal when up, and debuff. Skunks (because they are critters) get out of CC much faster.. meaning these little suckers can last a lifetime.

They stack best with 2 Skunks and an Anubish Idol (for the sandstorm/reflect)

I tend to one shot all the spirits with this team, regardless of the opponents makeup.
Gazelles or similar creatures such as deer work wonders. They're critters with loads of healing, my current team containing one can take out all of the spirit tamers despite having a mechanical on board.

As has been stated Pterrordax Hatchling or others with temporary immunity are pretty effective at dodging big hitting moves.
I do quite well with disgusting oozling and magical crawdad. the 3rd pet i use a lower lvl so i can get the exp. not fullproof but not a pain in the !@#$ either. rng gods be damned.
wow thanks for all the help guys, this gives me a lot of pets i can pick to level and using those should make these tamers a lot easier. i would love to farm them for the pets which are awesome
12/21/2012 05:27 PMPosted by Crimsonmage
Can someone suggest a pet combination to beat these guys? I'm having a lot of trouble here. I heard the minifernal was a good battle pet. Any others?

Mutter Mutter Mutter.

Occasionally, there are faster and easier/more elegant solutions though.

sorry i dont understand. is mutter a pet of some kind?
thundering: Fluxfire Feline(speed breed) + snarly

start with FFF against earth elem, supercharge on the turn he uses stun, switch to snarly -> rake -> blood in water -> surge. this should finish up earth elemental and your snarly will die with it.

FFF against critter, just wind up- wind up. you should be able to kill the critter jelly with 300~ish hp left.

against the mole, supercharge -> wind-up-> pass a turn (he used burrow, and you can't hit him) -> let him hit you with burrow -> revive with mecha racial -> wind-up to finish.

Fire elem : Anubisath Idol.

He can pretty much solo the entire team. just reflect/soak the conflag with other pets.

water elem: Mana wyrmling + anything else that can take down water elem. (snarly or anubisath idol works wonderfully as well)

go up against the gigantic fish, feedback -> charge up -> reflect whirlpool + dive (only whirlpool will hit) -> finish fish

he will use his critter-strider on you. he's a punching bag. Kill him with ease.

water elem: reflect the double time-bomb. you will own that guy

air elem:
I generally use dark whelpling or onyxian whelpling on this one.

they can pretty much solo atleast 2 pets (unless RNG stomps you down)
I use a standard 5-6 pets for the elementals.
Desert spider
Fel Flame
Some version of a frog(actually leveled a few on elementals alone)
Highlands turkey
and sometimes somethign different
Against all 4 spirit tamers, bring a Snail or some sort. Snails are critters (take reduced damge from elemental attacks), that have dive as one of their attack skills (aquatic skill that does increased dage vs elementals, is a very hard hitting skill inherently, and allows you to avoid their hardest attacks). Snails rock elementals hard.

Once you have the snail countering their elemental, it's much easier to find matches for their other pets.

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