Anybody know any tips on how to find this pet a little easier?

Currently, his tracks are the smallest, in the hilliest zone in Pandaria, and his tracks are still going backwards as of yesterday!

Is there an addon that may outline where his tracks could be or something??

sorry, couldn't find an addon.
I would really love to help. If Patty is there, I can find her in ten minutes tops and I do this for anyone on Fizzcrank, even allies. I used to drag her into Halfhill Market but because of me, they stopped her from aggroing. Wish I was on your server.

Advice: Fly about looking down. Turn ground clutter to low in settings. Recruit another hunter to help you (two pairs of eyes somehow make this 1000% easier).
Turn your graphics settings to low; the tracks really are small and this helps a lot. Google the route to take.. you will need to camp him if you really want it. I found mine in the south fields heading toward Stormstout brewery after about 4 hours. I recommend the taming glyph (shortens cast time) too because you never know if some jerk is nearby (once you flare it can be killed by anyone)
Yep what daisy said. Turn the graphics down to the lowest ground clutter setting. I start from her spawn point and just flew her path. It took me ages to find her but good luck! Such a gorgeous pet :)
The tracks are so hard to find even with ground clutter turned down, I just camped out behind the brewery and flared away while waiting for dungeon runs. I was lucky in that I found Patrannache after about 30 min. I did run the pat route across the zone and back a few times and that seemed not to be the most effective use of time.

Good luck! I think this crane is the best looking pet in the game...
I just found a spot around the middle of his patrol path (google it) and spammed a flare there while watching a movie pinned over my WoW. He showed after about 20 minutes, so I got pretty lucky, but I think it's the best way to find him. Just do it for 30 minutes here and there and he'll show up eventually.
I also camped a spot near the brewery and flared away. I also made sure to set NPC scan just in case I was looking away and she clipped the edge of my flare. I didn't have to wait too long since I was in the middle of the path.

Even after finding her, I looked back to see if I could see her tracks knowing they would be there and I still could not. Even with my ground clutter settings changed. She was the only one I had trouble finding.
This link should have all the info you need to get it!
Pretty much just camping specific spots seems to work really well, I don't even bother with tracks.

I got my beautiful Glimmer (now Glort) from camping - just look at a youtube video "Patrannache's path" or "following Patrannache" and then look for where their pat ends / turns around or any other good spot that you can directly note it crosses over. Then throw a flare / ice trap where it directly paths.

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