Faction transfer - A Test of Valor reset?

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I know that faction xferr's used to wipe your Argent Tournament Progress, even if you had the crusader title.

If I faction xferr'd the character I earned the crusader title/achieve with, will that still wipe out everything? How does this work???

Read the FAQ.


Gotta love being forced to pay for a service that other MMOs are starting to offer for free in limited ways. Especially when said service routinely screws up quests/achievements.

Being forced to pay for an optional service? Being FORCED? Funfact: It costs you exactly $0 to not faction change.

Also, what MMOs give Faction Changes away for free?
Open the Achievements window. Click on Quests->Pandaria. Scroll to the bottom. The achievement you want to track is called "A Test of Valor". It tracks the number of VP you have.
01/01/2013 04:08 PMPosted by Vrakthris
Would there be any plans and/or intent to fix this bug?

I don't believe it is considered to be a bug, so I'm not certain how likely that would be.

How is this something that currently benefits the game? Fix please.
01/02/2013 07:55 PMPosted by Aarkan
How is this something that currently benefits the game? Fix please.

A fix would imply something is broken, which as far as I know it is not. That doesn't necessarily mean that we do not wish it functioned differently, but at the moment it does not. What you are seeking is a change to how the system currently works, which isn't out of the question but this is not the best place to provide feedback regarding such a change.

Those of us who moderate this forum are not Developers nor are we liaisons with them. If you would like to see a change made to our character services and how they work please feel free to post in the General Discussion forum so it can be properly reviewed.

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